Our Staff

  • Jim Rose Owner

    Jim Rose spent his childhood in Guilford, Connecticut. He moved to Orono in 1979 to attend the University of Maine and has called the town home ever since. He has two sons, Angus and Cam. Jim's favorite ride is the Dedham loop and his favorite vacuum cleaner is any of the ten or so Electrolux models hibernating in the shop. If you come into the shop and need a tube, Jim is the ONLY one who can help you, since he keeps them locked away in a secret place where no other shop employee dare venture...

  • Jeremy Porter Service

    Jeremy joined our staff in March of 2013. He brings with him 23 years of industry experience! Jeremy can fix just about anything bike related, and has extensive knowledge of the cycling industry. Currently he rides a Transition Smuggler. If he's not fixing bikes, he's riding them.

  • Fiona Sorensen Hamilton Sales

    Fiona joined Rose Bike in March 2016. She's been tinkering with and riding on bikes since she can remember.

  • Collin Service and Sales

    Collin is our newest employee. He is an Enduro racer, hockey player, and High School student.
    Don't let his youthful looks deceive you-he know's a lot about bikes!

  • Chris Morriseau Service

    Chris joined the service department in 2017 and enjoys biking, climbing hiking skiing...

  • Kevin Roberge Sales

    Kevin returned to our staff in 2016 and brings a love of all things cycling. You will likely see Kevin hauling his two wee kiddos around town on one contraption or another.