Share the Trails!

It is important that everyone respects other users so we can all get maximum benefits out of the trails whatever the season. Here are some tips on Winter Trail Etiquette:

Golden Rule: STAY OFF SOFT TRAILS! Maybe you were working when the conditions were better and you really want to get out but whether you ski or bike (or even worse walk) when you sink in/ go through the snow it ruins the trail for everyone else. Please stay off: people are putting in hours of their time grooming ski trails and packing bike trails. It only takes one selfish person to destroy their efforts so when the temperatures rise, please find something else to do.

Fat bikes on ski trails: if possible don’t bike on the ski trails. Some suggestions- at the University of Maine there is a network of singletrack packed that barely uses the ski trails and Perch Pond (Swan’s) is great for fat biking and is not groomed for skiing. If you are on a ski trail, make sure that you are not leaving an indent in the trail and try to stay off classic tracks.

Riding with studded tires: This is just common sense-if the trails are hardpacked they will work. If you are going through the crust, it’s not a good idea.

Walkers: people walking on the trail does more damage than any other activity. If you see a walker, perhaps you can politely explain this to the perpetrators.

That said, we are lucky to have such great trail systems in the area and dedicated caretakers. Have fun out there (and don’t forget to thank the people who do the work on them).